Questions and Answers


Are Cavaliers Good With Kids

Absolutely!  Little ones need to be watched. They are so loving but the baby Cavalier is not a stuffed animal.  Squeezing and dropping are serious dangers that can injure a puppy.

Good With Seniors?

In my opinion absolutely.  They are not big, heavy and can be trained easy.  They love to be couch potatoes and will love sitting next to anyone.  They are also low maintenance.  Low shedding and low dander.  I did not say NON SHEDDING.  You still need to care for them.  Bathe when they stink.  They don't need weekly appointments.

How Long Do They Live

Everything is about health.  Keep your Cavalier trim.  Love is not snacks!!!  Treats are out in my book.  You don't know what you're giving your pet and I don't really trust labels anymore.  Just a great food like Orijens from and maybe a Himalayan Yak Bone from Amazon.  Helps their teeth and last as long as an antler.  Cleaning a dog's teeth is ridiculous now days.  Cost most than my own.  I give Yak Bones and save thousands over time.  Cavaliers with a good diet and exercise live from 10-16 years.  Mitral Valve heart disease is a big issue with the breed so keep them trim.

Do They Bark A Lot?

That's a roll of the dice in my opinion.  One of mine enjoys taunting the neighbor dog.  They rest don't care.  They bark at the doorbell.  They will yap at the TV if dogs are on and barking.  They are not little yappy dogs.  Remember all dogs bark!

Do They Get Along With Cats?

I keep track of all my dogs and normally I would worry more about the cat hurting the dog than the other way around.  Normally the cat hides for a couple of days and they become buddies.  This is according to feedback from my puppy owners.

Male or Female

This is totally up to you!  You must fix your puppy at five months.  If not your male may start marking.  Fix them and you won't have this issue.  I was always a female person.  The boys are so nice and stay that way forever.  The girls develop attitude with age.  A little like woman I would say. ha  

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Can I Buy In A Pet Store?

I sure hope you don't.  Little do you know when you buy a puppy in a pet store you are supporting PUPPY MILLS!!!! I was in a documentary on puppy mills and it is sickening.  Buying from a breeder is the way to go and even then there are a lot of issues.  Due diligence folks.  Due diligence.

What about Medical Problems

All dogs have their share of medical issues.  For the Cavalier, it's the mitral valve.  More such as cataracts, subluxating patellas, heart murmurs. Ask your vet for pro and cons.  Cavaliers are a sturdy little dog if bred properly.  Genes can remain dormant for years and surface with a vengeance so you never know.  Not even with our own children.  So research and buy from a breeder that addresses issues rather than runs from them.  All Cavaliers Sires and Dams should be OFA Heart Certified in my opinion or I would run.  Checked and cleared mean squat.  OFA cost time and more money and is still not a guarantee of any kind that your puppy couldn't develop the disease.  It just gives your puppy a better start for a healthy life.  I pride myself in doing all my OFA's.

What About Grooming

I only bathe my dogs when they stink.  If I notice any smell then they get a bath.  If not they don't.  I think people over do this. Over bathing can dry the skin and then they itch and scratch and cause other problems.  Common sense here.  They blow coat after delivering babies but you won't have that issue.  Your baby needs brushing.  When they get their winter coat brush them.  When they blow that winter coat in the spring, brush them.  Easy.

What Are The Colors

Blenheim-Ruby and White

Tri-Black-White-Tan Markings

Ruby-All Ruby-No White

Black and Tan-Black-Tan

Do They Like To Travel

Yes.  What's even better is most of the time they can be on board a plane due to their size.  Love the car.  Rarely some get car sick.  Depends on your life style.

Called The Ultimate Snob Dog

Town and Country did an article years ago and actually referred to their owners not the Cavalier as snobs.  Monarchs, Captains of Industry, Presidents, and movie stars love Cavaliers.  Just funny.  Nothing else.