Our Family

Royal Alexander


I know getting Alex was magical.  I just prayed and boom, there he was.  He is out of Pascavale's Majestic.  I thought, "so what."  Decided to look up Pascavales Majestic and found out he's world championed.  My real motto is I don't care about blue ribbons, I care about health.  Dr. Loyer at VRCC said he was perfect not only with his heart but his confirmation was the best he had seen.  I almost lost it.  Charlotte was with me and he said the same about her.  He said this pair are beautiful.  That was a first.  

Charaes Royal Princess Charlotte


She's a tri.  Small as all my girls are and she is just love, love and more love.  Markings are gorgeous and she listens.  

She just pulled a new trick out of her bag.  She learned how to open the fridge.  I scolded her and she does still but rarely.  Just smart.   I may retire her in the next couple of months.  She is definitely an Alpha and wants all the attention.  Prefer a couple or single older person who needs company.  She just loves all the attention.  Very sweet but wears a tiara.  She is still young.  Call for info if interested.  

Fireflyz Vogish Victoria


Tri and again small.  She is my little handicapped girl.  She can jump up on the recliner but would rather put her paws up and I have to put my hand on her rump so she can "make it up."  Just funny.  They are all different.  

Royal Pippa


Love this

Charaes Queen Elizabeth


Tri color and again small.  She's a movie star.  Plays different parts.  Acts like she gets it and then pauses and then completes the task.  Just beautiful.

S Judes Childrens Hospital and


These organizations both do not endorse me in any way.  I just endorse them.  I donate from every litter to each organization just to do a little in my little way for things I believe in.  I have done St Judes for so many years I don't remember when I started and Heifer. org is now on the list too.