Royal Pet

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel of today is descended from the small Toy Spanels seen in so many of the 16th, 17th and 18th century paintings by Titian, VanDyck, Lely, Stubs, Paintings show the samll spaniel and they had a flat head and high set ears. King Charles II was rarely seen without at least three of the little spaniels around him constantly. He adored the little dogs so much that he wrote a declaration stating the King Charls Spaniel were to be accepted in any public place including the Houses of Parliament. This law is still in effect in England today. As time went by the fashion of the King Charles Spaniel faded and they were replaced with favor of the Pug. This had to do with the Dutch coming in. The only Toy Spaniel that never went out of style was the white and ruby colored Spaniel, which was bred at Blenheim by varous Dukes. Hence the name blenheim for the white and ruby Spaniel. It is still the favorite color today.

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Our History

We started in the 80's.  I have just been lucky and have so many great friends and customers.  Once we meet it's forever.  I have 2nd, 3rd and 4th puppies going to the same familie and now their children are getting their own for their families.  I have had a lot of help thanks to my grandchildren.  I have had Cavaliers longer than grandchildren and they are almost 30 down to 1yr.  They play and help with not so much fun chores like picking up poop.  This is daily so they know the program when they come over.  It's actually funny to me now.  They love on and play with the puppies when they are old enough and just love them so much it makes you smile.  Puppies know them and come to them.  They are part of the pack I guess. I will put pictures up when one was little and now she's a 4th year engineer student going for 5yrs.  My Cavaliers have free run of my home.  Yes, all of them.  I only have a few now but they are not confined nore ignored.  They have a doggie door and pen area.  A big back yard they can go out to anytime they want and a neighborhood they control.  The furniture is theirs and anything on the floor is fair game.  I have my Vet involved in every aspect of their health and you will never receive a puppy that is anything but healthy to the best of our knowledge.  I OFA certify for hearts, hips and patellas.  I use to do eyes too but cut that out when I dropped my price and had zero eye issues.  Nothing is bred in my hobby line without a heart certification.  Does not represent a guarantee, just a better chance for a healthy dog Mitral Valve free puppy.  I use VRCC and Dr Caroll Loyer for all my heart certifications.  Love this guy.  The first thing he ever said to me when I met him was "my job is to flunk your dog."  Wow, I thought.  That's not a good pick up line but my kind of Doctor!  He's the best in the USA and we are lucky enough to have him right here in Colorado.  I love all he stands for with animals and people.  I recommend him as the top heart doctor.  I also use Dr. Doug Davies as my regular vet at Broadview Animal Clinic.  He is skilled and does all my OFA hip and patella certifications.  He also removes all dew claws and examines every puppy personally.  His approval is mandatory or the puppy doesn't leave until he approves it.  Another great thing about Dr. Davies is that he is a Nebraska down to earth vet.  He doesn't blow things out of proportion and alarm you unnecessarily and many vets do.  You own a Cavalier King Charles and it's like driving a Mercedes.  They all think you have deep pockets and want to max you out with unnecessary test and fears.  That's just my opinion of course.  But with 3 decades I have run the race.  I use the best of everything and it works.  

Why Me and Not The Hundreds of Others?

Home-raised. Experienced. OFA Certified.  No in-line breeding.  No over breeding.  Retired females young.  Feed Royal Canin  food.  No treats except Himalayan Yak Bones.  Socialized.  I would add OCD to the list too.  You have to have a touch of that to do the job consistently and right.  Environment that is dedicated to love and all animals kept clean.  My whole house is clean.  What you see is what you get.  No special mad dashes for clean up if you happen to come out.  It's just what it is.