Royal Alexander

There is no reason I should have this line except I asked for a great healthy dogs.  They came.  I just prayed for help in finding a new Sire and Boom! There he was.  I just saw hundreds of dogs and something drew me to this guy.  It was not a flashy add, in fact it was rather boring.  I just loved his head and eyes.  Then I noticed a remark that he was out of Pascavales Majestic.  I thought, "so what."  I did decide to look up reluctantly Pascavales Majestic only to discover that he was a world championed dog!  Now blue ribbons are not my music, health is.  Again, I was lead and it just seem to call me.  I inquired and didn't like the price but I knew he was my new guy.  I change Sires about every seven years and have to bring in outside Sires.  I do no in-line breeding and so I get to keep one of my girls toward the time I find a new Sire so I love it.  He has a flat head and his confirmation according to Dr Loyer at VRCC is magnificent!  I had Alex and Charlotte's hearts done at the same time and he raved about them.  Now Dr Loyer likes all my dogs but these two he was so happy.  Alex is not a licker, just a lover.  He's smart 17 pounds and markings are to me perfect. JUST GOT ALEX AND CHARLOTTE OFA RE-CERTIFIED OCT 2018.


Charaes Royal Princess Charlotte

Tri Female.  She is tiny and got her heart done the same day as Alex with the same report.  Charlotte is so smart.  She figured out opening the fridge.  I scolded her and now she does it just once in awhile.  She has to lay on my left leg in the recliner.  Everyone knows that's her spot.  Respectfully, they allow it. Ha UPDATE! I JUST GOT ALEX AND CHARLOTTE RE-CERTIFIED THROUGH DR CARROLL LOYER AT CHOICE SPECIALISTS IN WESTMINSTER. HE'S A FANTASTIC CARDIOLOGIST.


Royal Pippa

Pippa is named after Kate Middleton's sister Pippa for her nice rump.  Pippa is a Blenheim.  My only Blenheim girl.  She will have one more litter and I will retire her still young enough to enjoy her life and have a great time with her new hand picked family that is waiting on her.  Pippa is a little needy.  She hates fireworks.  She is a total love dog.  No trouble of any kind.  She is obedient and beautiful. PIPPA HAS BEEN RE-HOMED. SHE HAS A WONDERFUL FAMILY THAT CATER TO HER EVERY WHIM

Files coming soon.