About Us

We have wonderful Cavaliers

I first saw a Tri Color female King Charles in a restaurant in St Nazaire, France.  I was so taken by her beauty, obedience, size and eyes that projected love.  I just fell in love instantly.  I returned home and immediately went to work studying this breed.  I was struck by the Cavalier lightning bolt!

That was about 30 years ago!!

The lightning bolt has never left.  Every baby I touch has that special charm.  You really cannot explain it unless you have had a King Charles.  They are the sweetest dog on the planet.  Smart too.  I have mine trained so fast that even I'm surprised sometimes.  They are such sturdy little dogs and smart too.  This is not a foo foo dog.  They are just amazing.  

Frenchie (Tri) and Pierre (Blenheim) Started Me

The true purpose of this breed has always been that of a companion dog.  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the number one toy dog in England.  The first Cavaliers were sent to America in 1952 by Lady Forwood as a gift.  When I started out no one even knew what a Cavalier was here in Colorado.  All my pups went to the east and west coast.  These two Cavaliers started my business in the 1980's. Their names were Frenchie and Pierre.  Just Perfect.  Great temperament and size.  The whole package and I didn't really know at the time how perfect these two were.  I feel like they were magically sent my way and I was lucky to have such a perfect start to my future of these amazing dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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