Email me or better yet call. 303-332-9074


After we speak, should you select me as your breeder, you will deposit $200.00 which is non-refundable. You can do a personal check, venmo or zelle. I will send you a deposit acknowledgement along with an additional information sheet, things I do sheet, reminders of how to get ready for your puppy.  You will sign those and return them to me with the enclosed self addressed and stamped envelope.  We wait until the blessed day comes.  I'm different with policy.  I wish I could buy from someone like myself.  I send pictures every week between Friday and Sunday from the moment of birth to age six weeks.  Pictures then stop.  Too hard to catch ha and don't change that much.  They just get bigger and thicker coats.  I will send your contract at five weeks with the same self address stamped envelope and that is due back to me by six weeks WITH the final payment enclosed.  Your pick up is scheduled for eight weeks with vet approval.  I do not deal with contracts or money on pick up.  Just fun, instructions, and your OBGYN bag.  Ha.  We will go over your list of missed questions or review a hundred things we have all ready talked about.  I am a broken record.  I will tell you the same things over and over.  You will meet the rest of the puppies unless they have already been picked up.  I can show you how to clip nails if you like.  Your bag consist of the shot record and next three scheduled appointments you should make.  It has a blanket with all the scent of everyone on it, a toy with the same scent, a yak bone, and if I have been on top of it a full picture album book of your babies pictures.  Also, info on the Orijens food from, VRCC, my Vet, Dr. Davies and Dr. Munger's card, and whatever else I may come up with.  I love my bags!!!  I expect you to call me the next day and let me know how the night went.  I expect you to stay in touch with me forever.  Your choice.  I prefer to be involved.  Start saving.  Guarantee you will get another.  Go ahead and laugh.  Then think about one potatoe chip.  I win!

Do I Ship?

At this time I doubt it. When I started decades ago no one knew what a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was in Colorado.  All my dogs went mainly to the east and west coast.  I sold to high profile people.  It is not that expensive to ship.  All shipping cost are extra and you pay.  Generally a health certificate, crate and airline fee.  They travel safely.  Airlines are very particular with their pet programs.  I actually believe that pets get better service than people.  Laws protect every aspect of the pet.  I take puppies I'm shipping and look for semi's to ride next to for the rumble.  They generally sleep.  They are in a special area with a little light and space is limited to a few pets and temperature is well maintained.  Call me or your airline to go over procedure.  Bring a wet paper towel with you in a plastic bag just in case you need it.  Most likely won't but be prepared.  Offer water and a kernel of their food from your hand.  AIRLINES DON'T WANT TO SHIP ANYMORE.  CALL FOR DETAIL ON THIS.  I can hire someone for you at your expense.

Can I Visit?

NO.  You can come out before I have puppies but not when they are born.  I have done this so long and everything I do is based on experience with both positive and negative outcomes.  I want no company and neither does mom.  She knows why you are here.  At eight weeks she's happy they're leaving.  Younger she is too protective.  When born her milk can even dry up.  That's a disaster that I went through and lost puppies.  Never again.  You drag in possible disease on your shoes and I just am not willing to risk it.  If this won't work for you then I am not your breeder.  I am so protective and I like it that way.