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January 11, 2017

Dear Sandra.  I have been trying countless times to contact you with your puppy info.  Your mail box is full.  I sent mail via post and have received no answer.  I do not have your email that I requested.  I have no choice but to offer your blenheim boy.  So here is a picture of the two boys I have available.  They will be ready the 26th of this month.  The babies are adorable.

I will have tri and blenheim that will be ready Spring/Summer. I do have families on the waiting list presently.  There are three deposits I will take for next year.  Please read my procedure on the adoption.  I am very clear.  One family missed their tri puppy because they decided that they wanted to come out and see the pups.  I do not allow this. Folks, I am very clear with my procedure.  I do not allow anyone out when puppies are little.  They have to have their first shots and mom needs to be okay with strangers.  It's a big deal breeding puppies and I take it seriously.  In the past, I did allow folks out and all I ended up with was sick puppies.  The mom's milk had problems and I lost precious pups.  My mom's are just as important as the puppies. My next litter will be blenheim and some are reserved now. If you are looking for a second companion then please get on the waiting list.  I rarely have any "extra" pups available.  Time goes fast and waiting for a good puppy is worth it. I will have only Blenheim and Tri.

My moms are just great.  They love and take care of their babies.  When the doorbell rings, they know we have company.  I cannot have my moms upset in any way with strangers.  I don't have a lot of puppies and I protect what I do have.  Thank you for your understanding and if this won't work for you than I am NOT your breeder.  


If you would like an older dog please call. Sometimes people call me to find homes for their older cavaliers.  Some will be young and perfectly healthy and there have been older ones with the beginning of health issues.  Some families get a puppy and then the reality of the work it takes for the puppy and consistency and constant love is just too much.  Folks, these are real live animals and do not come with a shut off switch so please think of the big picture. I am so glad they call me rather than let the dog become neglected both physically and emotionally.  Thank you for that.  Some want a little money back so every pup or dog is a different set of circumstances.  Now please do not think I have this situation all the time.  It is rare.  I am not a drop off for unwanted pets.  I could not handle it and I am not permitted to have excessive dogs.  Thanks for understanding.  I just try to re-home.  You would pay for any neuter/spay needed, shots, teeth cleaning or anything else for the health of the dog. Call for the detail. If you email on an older dog I will not answer.  The issue deseves a call.


This is Charlotte.  She's a new addition.  I think she is absolutely perfect.  Love everything about her.  She is named after the Royal Children. 




This is Alexander.  He is very social and easy going.  He is from Pascavale's Majestic.  This line is tops.  I will post more as time goes on.. He is also named after the Royal Children.

If you are on my site you are either investigating this marvelous companion or you have just discovered the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Click on our breed to learn more.

I love the new name of my site. I love my state, Colorado and I live in Centennial.   My cavaliers are awesome. All our dogs are in the house.  They actually love air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Please don't wait till the last minute to try and find a good puppy. You need to call now for all the detail and should you select me as your breeder you need to get on the list.  The possibilities are tri and blenheim.

You can go to and punch my name in and see a few videos that folks have made.  Very cute. 

I cannot resist these pics.  They are from one of my families and I am so lucky to have received them.  It's the Holiday Season everyday with a Cavalier in your heart and home.



Isn’t it just amazing that this precious breed is turning heads and everyone thinks it just came on the circuit? Actually, the opposite is true. Cavaliers have been around for hundreds of years. We here, in the United States, always say it takes longer for fades, fashion, exotic foods, culture and all the rest of the hoopla to get to the mid-west, after all everything comes from the east coast or west coast. Behold, Colorado has Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

This is exactly one of the reasons I started raising Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. My husband and I were on the West Coast of France and I saw my first Cavalier. It was a very regal tri-color sitting under the table in a restaurant right next to its master. Of course its front paw was right next to it’s master’s foot so she wouldn’t get lost or stray. I asked my motherin-law to ask my uncle if he knew what kind of dog it was. My French lacked all conversation skills and his English matched my French. Needless to say, he mumbled King Charles.

I was disappointed at his response. I thought he must have misinterpreted the question and thought I was asking about the Windsor Castle in England.

               These Royals are in an Art Galley

Anyway, that’s my introduction to the magnificent Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I started investigating the breed and could not believe with my “numerous years” with animals and breeding that I had missed this loveable, adoring pet.

Hope you enjoyed yourself with this website and we were a little helpful. If you have any questions or would like to adopt a puppy you can call me at the Company Phone.

         I am in the sink and shampooed up!

My puppies are adopted with contract and I have blenheims, tri’s. Prices vary depending on what you want. Thank you for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you.  You may contact me at

I knew I couldn’t sign off and go to bed! I forgot to show you some of our family members and our babies!

Thanks again
Char Reed



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