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Our breeding stock is in excellent health and their temperaments are better than most of my friends.  They are extremely intelligent and with their huge eyes and long curly ears they seem to have ESP (extra special pet quality) when it comes to manipulating their masters.  For example: You say “come.”  They do it but once in awhile like a child, they bat those big eyes to see if you really mean it.  That’s where the master looses it and if you’re not careful your heart melts and you “let” them slide.  The problem is always with the owner.  They have an amazing ability to melt your heart and get away with dog victory.  You absolutely must be kind and consistent in all training.  It’s a bit like deja-vu.  (Remember your children). 


Charlie when a pup.  Now he is Mr. Macho.

We have had such fun with all the new families and their stories.My book will be full of great stories.

 We are retiring Charaes Prince Rainier.  He was named so because I like Prince Rainier of Monaco.  His country is strong.  His countrymen love him.  He has honor, dedication, admiration and married an American.  I just love the name so “Prince Rainier” has been my sire and he is commonly called “Rainey.”

 He is a gorgeous tri-color akc cavalier and his personality is so sweet I sometimes can’t believe it.  He never growls and is very passive.  He loves to lay on his back and just be held in your arms.  Everyone from the day he arrived spoiled him.  He is a true lover-boy.  Just for a little icing on the cake…..his father finished AKC Best of Breed.  Rainey has always received a lot of attention.  He was an only child when he was born.  He looked like he sat in a bucket of black paint.  You can see his picture.  He is the finest in my opinion.  PERIOD!

A little more about Rainey. He has not changed one bit with personality since a puppy. He is non-aggressive and very loving even with a little age on him now.

His coat is outstanding. He’s a great dad. He goes in (when allowed) by the girls and licks the puppies faces and plays with them gently. It’s as if he knows they are babies and he is ever so gentle even when I know he doesn’t want to be.

He puts his head in your lap and he does try to Bogart the girls out for all the attention and love. He’s not mean about it, just assertive. HE WANTS ALL THE LOVE.

He loves kids and anyone for that matter. I have never seen Rainey not go up and introduce himself. People who don’t like dogs like Rainey.

He was a great Sire. We love him!


Heidi and Mayme.  Mayme is only 10.4 pounds and Heidi is 11.5.  I do not care for the bigger Cavaliers.  They are not suppose to be big.  If you wanted a Cocker Spaniel you can get one a lot cheaper than a Cavalier.

Mayme was named after a great grandmother.  Heidi was so named because of my time in Germany.

Mayme is truly a lover. She is calm and just wants to be next to you constantly. 

Heidi is a little more head strong and test me a lot.  Maybe she will, maybe she won't attitude. Personality and temperament  is very loving.  Heidi is drawn to me only.  She is extremely smart.  She amazes me all the time. 

Their color is so fantastic! Mayme has a little more white on her head.  Both are tri's.  Both are small. Pictures are above.  I will try to add the most recent.  Remember this stuff is hard for me.   


A little about Zuri and Shantae.They are sisters. Shantae lives with me now. She is my granddaughters dog but she has went off to college and so Shantae came to me.  She is deaf and has a little arthritis now.  She is old but still a lover girl. Zuri lives with Joyce and is the new #1Diva in Arizona. They both have very loving personalities and are extremely dedicated.  They are very ruby colored with wonderful coats.  Their teeth are very good.  Cavaliers have dental issues so I try to brush and pay attention to their teeth or my vet bill will reflect it.  Common sense actually.  Sweet, sweet dogs.

Both will play with anyone and retrieve wonderfully. Both have wonderful dispositions. They are obedient and love to please.  They will come when called every time, although you can see that they don't really want to all the time.

We have a lot of fun with both.


 I am using a wonderful Sire at present.  His name is Wall-E.  He is a lover boy tri.  His owner is active here and in California.  They have wonderful dogs and many champions.  I will be getting a new Sire and will use these folks.  They do the same test I do and I don't know many that do.  Wall-E is a tri.  He will sire the next litter




This is a picture of Rainey and The Unthinkable Molly Brown.  Both are now retired.


 Cutie Pie is another smart tri girl.  She is small and endearing and loves everyone once she is sure about you.  She is very playful and has a beautiful coat. 

Pippa is another youngster.  She is a blenheim and on the small size also.  She is a handful of events.  She is busy and obeys every command.  She was easy to potty train and has a wonderful personality.

I hope this gives you a little update.   

Here’s a picture of Pierre. He was my first Sire.Pierre is a gorgeous blenheim. Very rich in the chestnut, auburn or ruby color.  His temperament is outstanding. He is just a lover-boy. He has always been permitted around the puppies and participates in everything with the puppies. Pierre is 16-18 pounds.  His weight depends on if we have puppies.  He eats more when Frenchie or the puppies eat. I suppose he feels he might “miss” something and therefore he goes into serious competition with the dining experience. Pierre will lick your eyes and ears if allowed to show his affection. Definitely loves the lap. Both retired.
Here’s a picture of Frenchie, She’s barely 10 pounds. I think 8 pounds of it is her ears. She’s my French Princess and has a degree at Penn State with etiquette, unlike Pierre. (State Penn) She’s adorable and very smart. Her chair is anywhere my lap is. She will not lick your face even if you put it so close to her you can feel her breath.  She also ask permission to jump on your lap. She is a very good mother and very patient. I could have used some of that a few years ago. Retired

Cutie Pie is just the smartest and sweetest dog alive. I love her.
Mayme. I know her eyes are closed but I love this picture with her tongue out!

Hope you enjoyed the overview.


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