Our Babies (Photos)
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Our Babies

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My Baby

Beautiful and she knows it!

This is such a regal shot. 

Complements of her photographer


OK, Its Good        This is Shantae and the                                amazing Charles Angel

                                the new SIRE!    


A tender moment

"Ruff Day"

This is my big sister Sam
Are we adorable for 7 days!
Are we adorable for 7 days!
Where’s my Easter egg?
Where’s my Easter egg?
Ho Ho Ho My name is Bilbo
Ho Ho Ho My name is Bilbo
Life is beautiful!
Life is beautiful!
Please mom!  We just want some rest!
Please mom!  We just want some rest!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Nicepic.jpg (23689 bytes)
I Love my Puppy

Sitting Pretty!

xmaspuppy.jpg (49542 bytes)
On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me---a book, a bulb and a lot of love
Perfect timing.  Our Lido
Perfect timing.  “Our Lido”
ben.jpg (16470 bytes)
My name is Ben, I'm in Telecommunications
Ben1yr3months.jpg (18641 bytes)
My Name is Still Ben at 1 Year & 3 Months
xmasbox.jpg (21637 bytes)
On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me---A BOX
MissIt.jpg (25483 bytes)
Hi Mom!

  One of my babies complements of his daddy..

Hannah and Rainey Soooo Loving
princewilliam.jpg (33189 bytes)
Prince William "Pure Show"

I wish I had it this good!!!
Duncan.jpg (34497 bytes)
My name is Duncan
paige1099.jpg (13247 bytes)
Just Beautiful
trevor1099.jpg (18161 bytes)
Having Fun

A definate mission in mind!
Dog_Cats.jpg (24481 bytes)
BABE  Do I like felines?  I’m forced to.  I’m outnumbered!
rubygang.jpg (38527 bytes)
The gang's all here
rubyspuppies.jpg (51999 bytes)
Basket full of goodies

I Just Found My New Home
cinnamon.jpg (36782 bytes)
Cinnamon" 5 Months
Miabest.jpg (30984 bytes)
"Mia" is the Best
MiaTravel.jpg (27667 bytes)
"Mia" traveling
laurengracie.jpg (29826 bytes)
Princess Lauren & Princess "Gracie"
briantcherry.jpg (28818 bytes)
Brian & "Cherry"
cyrus111299.jpg (10205 bytes)
Cyrus with "Sunshine"
pup0214.jpg (35600 bytes)
I Love my "New Family"



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