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 Centennial Cavaliers
Registrations and Certificates

There are many different certificates. These are older and we can discuss the recent certificates when you call.  I am very discreet due to all the pirating that goes on with the web. Heart certifications are done by a cardiologist.  I believe mine is one of the top in the country. 


The latest heart certifications were done January 2013.

The latest Hip and Patella certifications were done February 2014

My Sire Charlie has been OFA Heart, Bone and Patella Certified.  By the way, Rainey will be 12 this year and he is still OFA Heart Certified.  Amazing!!!

These are what the certifications look like.  I do not put my most current up on the web but will gladly present them to you if they pertain to your puppy.  People pirate everything!

Everyone that decides to add a new 4 legged family member should do their due deligence and investigate the breed they are interested in.  Dormant genes can rise with a vengence and surprise everyone.  Not all Cavaliers have Mitro Valve disease and Hip or Patella problems.  There are also other diseases such as seizures and brain swelling.  These do not palgue my line but they can happen to any breed.  Decide when you buy that you are willing to do and handle any surprises.  Some diseases are rare.  Ask your Vet about the breed you select and go over the pros and cons.  I am not a Vet.  I just do a great job with the dogs I have and I provide you with a healthy puppy.  Not one puppy will leave my home without a vet check and clearance that they can go to their new family.  Your care is impearative to the health of the puppy.  I am a knowledgeable breeder not a vet and I will not give phony warranties that in the end will not work out anyway.


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Kennel Name Registered 

Sofia Eye Certification

Amber Eye Certification

Jasmine Eye Certification

Rainey Eye Certification

Rainey Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc. (Elbow)

Rainey Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc. (Hips)

Rainey OFA Congenital Heart Disease Clearance Certificate

DNA Analysis Rainey

Cindy Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc. (Hips)

Cindy OFA Congenital Heart Disease Clearance Certificate

Amber OFA Congenital Heart Disease Clearance Certificate






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