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These are available now. Call for the rest of the pictures.

Pictures below are what Cavaliers look like newborn.  Thought you might like to see.  They are so tiny and delicate when they are born.  Just like any newborn.


If you are looking here, then you are ready to add the most important friend to your family.  I will take deposits for one litter later this year.  If I have pups they will be ready around the end of July. 

If is looking for an older cavalier please call.  The price will be right and you can enjoy a cavalier without all the puppy training. I have none at this time but occasionally I do help in finding a new home.  Must be the right home.  Older dogs are wonderful too.  There is a trade off though. Older dogs are wonderful.  You miss all the training and chewing but they are older and therefore the health issues can be sooner for you.  When we all get older things change.  Common sense.   

Please call now to reserve a puppy.  I can send recent pictures of available babies.  Thank you.






The Adoption Process


 I must take a moment here and let you know how my puppies are adopted.  I do not want to disappoint any family or person with not having a puppy available for you.  I have limited puppies due to my limited breeding.  I do not breed every heat. You view the website.  You will probably e-mail at that point.  I will respond with a brief e-mail.  I must be brief and please understand the amount of mail I get.  If I wrote long letters you would not get an answer.  I receive too many e-mails to be wordy and I talk faster than I type.  Plus I want to personally answer all my mail and not assign that task to someone else.  I enjoy my mail and all your mail.  I just must limit myself.  I should have been an attorney bla bla bla.

There are pros and cons to getting older.  I do what I do and the way I do it, because it works.  There were only 2 breeders in this state when I started out.  One lived in Evergreen and me in Parker.  She was old then and I am old now so I do things the way they work and are best for my babies.  My system works perfect and everyone is so happy with their babies.  That is why after decades they still come back and pray I am still doing Cavaliers.  I cannot imagine my life without grandkids and Cavaliers.

 I will need a phone call to interview you and you me.  The puppy must be in the right home and you will be so thrilled if all the basics are there.

 I can only be fair with a deposit.  I give the order of pick of the litter in the order the deposit came in.  I feel this is the only fair way with the high demand for my puppies.  For instance, if you want a girl blenheim then your deposit comes in first, you get first pick.  If your deposit comes in second for a girl blenheim, then you get the second girl or second pick of the girl blenheims.  If I cannot provide you with the puppy you called for then your deposit is refunded or you may elect to roll it over to another litter.  It is entirely your choice.  If you change your mind on the puppy then the deposit is non-refundable.  I have too many wonderful homes to place my puppies in and I do not want to tell everyone I have no puppies for them when in fact, I did have a puppy for them.  This is a very serious commitment.

The paperwork and final payment is due at 6 weeks old.  They will have their first shot in a series of 3.  They will be wormed, in a series of 3.  Their dew claws are removed between 3 and 5 days of birth.  My vet does all of this.  I want him to check my puppies each time.  You will be delivered a healthy pup.  That is my guarantee.  They must be eating dry food and drinking water when they go to their new homes.  Usually around 8 weeks.  I start their potty traing very early.  I do this for me really.  I do not guarantee that the success will continue when you take them.  I go over everything thoroughly before you take your baby.  You will be educated!

 I will reserve your puppy in this manner.  You might decide that you like Charlie and Pippa or Charlie and Heidi .  You can actually pick your puppy from them.  I will be as accurate as possible in telling you when I would have puppies.

 When the puppies arrive they are generally all sold.  I do not like you to pick till their eyes are open.  I tell everyone not to tell me until then.  Normally everyone gets the puppy they want.  We all pick differently.  So the puppies that are on the web are more than likely sold and if you select me as your breeder and you want one of my puppies, then you should call and reserve.  If you request a notification of puppies then that can be done but they will be gone. 

Having a puppy is like a new baby.  You need to do things to your home to puppy proof it.  I have a small list that was shared by my daughter to share with you.  You must read it and acknowledge that you have read it.  I'll have a box to check in my contract.  This just makes things easier for the puppy and you.  Puppy's do puppy things.  Patience is a must with a puppy and care is to be taken.

Deposits are non-refundable.  If you change your mind, loose your job, allergies, move any of that.  Pls do your homework before the search for a puppy. 

 I thought this little summary might be of some help.  It gives you a better understanding and I hope it helps to not be disappointed.  

Last thing.  I do not give breeding rights.  It would be on a rare occasion that I did.  Most breeders do not want to do the follow up work on the puppies and I cannot allow someone to get a puppy and not know what they are doing nor dedicate the time necessary for the care of the mom and litter and have random pups.  Just my opinion.






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