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Notes and Articles
About Centennial Cavalier King Charles 

We have such beautiful puppies.  One from our last litter was in the paper with her new family in the mountains doing a hike???

Also another named Giselle won a beauty contest.  She was voted on and of course the masses proclaimed her the most beautiful. 

I have had 3 emails and calls recently with request for another Cavalier.  The wonderful part of this story is that they are former customers from 11 and 12 years ago.  I find that quite flattering.



These are just a few notes on the family of Centennial Cavaliers here in Colorado.I started off as Charaescavaliers.  It was a combo of my name and my daughter. That got hijacked from me through a long story and I was then akccavaliers. Well someone must have been a green-eyed monster and contacted AKC and they hence, contacted me.  My sight was Awesome King Charles Cavaliers.  Rather than hassle with them I changed it to Centennialcavaliers.  So far no green-eyed monsters and I am good.  I own a few more names but use this one.  I love my state and my city. 



  I must proclaim my amazement in finding a companion/pet that meets all my criteria.  Easy maintenance (bathe in the sink) low shedding, no irritating yipping and howling, (they do sound off when someone comes to the door or a loud noise spooks them) easy diet and totally committed to your happiness and dedication.  I don’t want to be a Marie Antoinette to own a Cavalier.  I’ve lost my head over my Cavaliers.  No wonder royalty owned these exclusively for themselves and their precious heirs.  It’s probably the only dog they could trust.  Your heir will be just as loved. 

Don’t believe every scare tactic you hear and don’t believe everything you read.  Listen and read and then do an amazing thing that God gave only humans.  The ability to reason.  Use your own sense and make your own decisions. 

There are medical problems with the Cavalier or I should say associated with the Cavalier.  Heart, Bones, Eyes, Ears, Teeth, Cancers.  Nothing is exclusively granted to the Cavalier.  Read on all problems which I feel have a lot to do with breeders over breeding and doing in-line breeding without the proper knowledge, training and guidance.  I do not do any breeding father to daughter and mother to son.  I do not participate with ANY in-line breeding. Also, do not traumatize yourself with a doctrine in medicine or psychology.  Most negatives are in most dogs!  Turn the page and read about another breed and many times the same warnings exist on that breed too.  You must be careful and purchase from a breeder that cares.  I feel that a breeder should do the job after the sale.  I personally didn’t have any luck.  My checks got cashed and that was it!  Bye.  I decided to change that area in my kennel.  There are so many registrations anymore that I can not keep up.  I like AKC and find UKC puts a lot of love in it too. The only thing I dislike about UKC is a big one.  You cannot do a limited registration with UKC.  All registrations are full.  This in my opinion is not good.  Every dog should be sold with a limited registration unless you are breeding or showing.  This is exactly how poor breeding happens.  In the hands of uninformed people. I don't feel like being negative so I will not express my opinion on some of the othetr registry's.


It’s difficult for any of us to get shots and this also holds true when we take our pets to be vaccinated.  They may wiggle and squirm and even cry a little but it is a necessity.  

When your puppy is born the mother passes on immunities to the puppies and they are fairly safe with just mom.  As they get a little older the immunities become weaker and finally wear completely off and without your responsible behavior with vet visits and vaccinations your puppy would surely be more susceptible to infections and even death. 

You immunize your pet for the same reasons that we immunize our children.  By giving the vaccinations it helps to build immunity to disease.  If the pup is exposed to the disease the chance to fight it will be in its body and produce a safety shield.  Think of the advertisement for flu shots in humans and it’s about the same concept.  By giving the puppy shots at frequent intervals such as six weeks, eight weeks and etc you help build its immunity system for the world the puppy is about to enter without mom. 

DHLPP is considered the all in one combination vaccine.  This shot is for protection against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and Para influenza. 

What are all these infections?  Infectious hepatitis is a severe liver infection and is caused by a virus.  Liptospirosis is a bacterial disease that effects adult dogs more.  It effects the urinal tract and can be spread from contaminated objects.  Think of the park and how all dogs smell all objects.  They need protection. 

Parvovirus is a common and more times than fair deadly virus.  It causes fever, vomiting and diarrhea.  This virus can be spread everywhere.  A sick dog can leave a trail of contaminating and deadly parvo.  This again can be anywhere dogs are. 

Para influenza is associated with kennel cough.  Mainly in kennels as why it got its name.  

There are many reasons to vaccinate you pet and to do it in a timely manner.  You made room in your life and home for a companion and I can’t imagine anyone not caring enough to vaccinate.  

Always consult your vet for the proper care and schedule for your pet.  A good vet is as valuable as any good doctor.  


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