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About Us: Centennial Cavaliers


As I stated in this web site, I fell in love with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels the moment I saw my first one in France.  She was a tri color.  I did my research and got my first Cavalier.  She was a tri also.  My first male was Pierre and he was a Blenheim. 


I decided this would be great if the whole family was involved and so it started.  My daughter, grandchildren and I started our love affair.  It’s been over two decades of devotion to this very special companion.


I have always been in sales/marketing.  I’ve taught within my field and I’m still teaching.  I am just having more fun now. 


I have high standards and execute integrity with all I accomplish.  The greatest joy is to be a part of this wonderful breed.


As many of you know, I have been writing a book tracking my puppies.  I want to know about their health and happiness.  Many of you have or will participate in my book.  I send a release form after you have your puppy and enjoy reading all the stories and happenings with your new puppy.  This is totally voluntary on your part.  No one is required to do anything unless they want to.  So many of the books out there are just too old.  See Spot run.  I wanted a book that was current and fun to read. 


My Cavaliers have been with me through all life’s highlights and tragedy’s.  They are a comfort and an unconditional devoted love in anyones life. 


We take great pride in the special care and attention given to all our babies and that’s why we have such strict guidelines.  Once you get one you too, will understand. 

See my certifications page.  I go over what is your responsibility with your research in investigating this breed or any other breed you love and want to add to your family.  Do your homework on love, health, devotion.  Talk to your vet or find a vet to talk to and go over any concerns you have for now and the future on this breed.





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